We are meeting the physical need of the people through building and operating schools.  Many of the children in Cambodia still don’t have an opportunity to go to school.  Currently, we are operating 4 schools that minister to over 3000 children daily.  The children at our schools receive education, nutrition and the message of hope and salvation.

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The Khmer Rouge targeted the educated people for extermination.  Today, we are training leaders for eternal purpose, leaders who will bring a message of hope, peace and salvation to their communities.  Whether through a formal education at our Bible School or informal discipleship training, we are raising up young men and women who are transforming Cambodia for the glory of God.

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In the last twenty years, the church in Cambodia is growing at an incredible pace.  However, despite the growth, many people still have not have an opportunity to hear the gospel message.  We know the best way for the gospel to reach the people is through the local churches.  We are working to plant a church in every major provincial city and town.

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